MS-60S Cold Rolling Embossing Machine Manufacture

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The cold rolling embossing machine is an indispensable machine in the wrought iron industry. It is designed for cold-rolled materials. The machine can process different materials (flat iron, square steel, round steel, square pipe, round pipe), Thereby forming distinctive products, which are perfectly suitable for the different requirements of the wrought iron industry for material patterns. As one of the characteristic machines of HBMS, it has achieved good sales results in the international market.

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    Different types of HBMS Cold Rolling Embossing Machine

    HBMS offers two types of Cold Rolling Embossing Machine: MS-DL60S and MS-DL100.


    MS-DL60S Cold Rolling Embossing Machine

    MS-60S cold rolling embossing machine is different from the normal cold-rolled embossing machine, it is a special purpose machine, it is specially suitable for processing edge forged square tube and handrail tube. Its processing capacity can range from20*20mm to100*100mm. Compared with the normally configured machine, it reduces the power of the motor, reduces the strength and quantity of some accessories, and reduces the cost of the machine and the failure rate of the machine on the premise of ensuring the processing capacity and efficiency. After the handrail device is installed, the machine will be able to process the handrail tube at a processing speed of approximately 6 m/min. It is more suitable for initial users or material manufacturers in the wrought iron industry. This is a money-making machine and a high-quality choice for wrought iron material manufacturers.

    Working Ability

    Square Tube

    ≤ 100*100mm

    Round Pipe

    ≤ φ63mm

    Rolling Speed

    360 m/h

    motor power

    4 KW



    Attached mold Qty

    1 set (combination mold)

    Machine Size

    L1400*W1280*H1300 mm

    Packing Size

    L1450*W1330*H1350 mm

    MS’ pallets (PC)

    1 package

    total volume (m³)


    Net Weight (KG)


    Gross Weight(KG)


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