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program controlled torsion and twist machine is designed to twist steel materials for decorating. This metal bar twisting machine is widely used in the field of wrought iron making. HBMS wrought iron program controlled torsion and twist machine  can twist square steel, round steel and square tube. Its products can be used to decorate windows, walls, doors and fences etc. program controlled torsion and twist machine is one of our featured ornamental wrought iron equipment. It has found a good sale in the international market, and this machine has widely accepted in many countries, such as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Colombia, Algeria etc.

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Comparison and characteristics of different models of machines


Different Types of program controlled torsion and twist machine

HBMS provides three different types of wrought iron twisting machines for sale: MS-DN25A, MS-DN25B and MS-DN25C.


Difference of each machine.

MS-DN25A is a basic type, it can be twisted flat iron, square steel, round steel. It can twist iron steels with length from 200mm to 800mm into pretzel shape. Besides, our machine can twist steels with length over 800mm by segments.


Compared with MS-DN25A, MS-DN25B has all its functions. Moreover, we have newly added the functions of twist square tubes and make cages(four materials). Its functions are more complete and the products are more abundant.


MS-DN25C is an upgraded version of MS-DN25B. It not only has all the functions of MS-DN25B, but also adds the ability to process cages (increased to eight materials). Its product category is the most abundant, holding this Machine, all functions are available.


Machine Parameters




Length of Twist

≤ 200-800 mm

Flat Bar

30*8, 20*6,16*4 mm

Square Steel

12*12, 14*14, 16*16, 18*18, 20*20, 25*25 mm

Square Tube


4-post Basket Performance

Square Steel




Round Steel


φ6, φ8

φ6, φ8

8-post Basket Performance

Square Steel



4 mm

Machine Performance


2.2 KW

3 KW

4+2.2 KW



Attached Mold Qty

9 sets




machine size(mm)




packing size(mm)




MS' pallets PC

1 package

1 package

1 package

total volume




Net Weight (KG)




Gross Weight(KG)





Uniform spindle speed

Program control, program settings can be adjusted according to different requirements to achieve different product effects

Equipped with manual control and foot switch, the processing action can be repeated.

Modular structure

Fast processing speed

Easy to maintain

easy to use


Why choose HBMS machine?

1. High-quality materials and sophisticated processing equipment have produced high-quality machines that customers can use with confidence.

2. Rich design experience and self-made machines are our confidence to provide customers with high-quality after-sales service and technical development guidance.

3. Reasonable structure design allows customers to use and replace molds conveniently.

4. Programmatic control, saving labor costs.

5. Rich experience in product production can provide technical guidance for customers to process products.


Through years, HBMS has struggled to become a professional wrought iron machine manufacturer. We offers high quality program controlled torsion and twist machine with competitive price. Choose HBMS, you will not regrets!

Professional Manufacture

Hebei Mingshu



Professional Team

Own high level  design engineers to meet every clients thought to ture.

Give us your ideas, become art life so easy.

Strict Quality Control

Strict Quality Control make every items meet your request

standard authentication.

Satisfied Service

24 hours service online

during 1-2 hours reply on time

serious after-sale service

Our Skills & Expertise

Established in 2017, Hebei Mingshu Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd. (HBMS) is a leading supplier in China's ornamental industry. We supply a series of wrought iron machines, molds, ornamental materials, accessories, ornamental components, and wrought iron products, such as fence,gate,stair railing,balcony railing,handrail,window grill,enterance door, and so on. At the same time, we newly added aluminum accessories, aluminum panels, aluminum gates, copper doors, and copper stairs. Our products have a wide range of applications, ranging from courtyard gates, entrance doors, window guard, stairs, fences, furniture, signs, etc. Our work is just making your imagination to ture.


Frequently Asked Questions

Need help? Be sure to visit our support forums for answers to your questions!

Is your company manufacture or trading company ?

We are professional manufacturer and we have about 10 years experience in engineering machine line.

How about the product quality?

Each machine will be tested more than 24 hours after finishing.
All elements are use reliable and famous brand that work with us over 20 years.

Did your machine approved ISO?

Our all machines were had approved ISO9001 ago,that will do best quality for every customer.

Is it possible to use our LOGO or special custom design?

Yes, no problem.. We have a professional technology team for new research and development.

All products have a warranty?

YES, Our warranty term is One Year

How long the lead time is?

All machines are in stock and usually 5-7 Days is enough if with enclosed moulds. If with special moulds, maybe the time will longer.

What is the price term and payment method?

We can quote EXW, FOB, CIF and CNF price. You can pay us by T/T, L/C .

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