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High-frequency pipe welded machinery

Direct Forming to Square Tube Mill

The square or rectangular shaping is formed out before the tube welding, with important advances in terms

of power and material cost reduction.


1) Compare with round into square & rectangle forming way, this way is better for the shape at the edge of cross section, comparatively, semi diameter of inner rac is small, and the brim is flat, the side is regular, perfect shape of tube.

2) The whole line load is low, especially the sizing section.

3) The width of steel strip is about 2.4-3% smaller than that of round into square/rectangular, it can save the cost of raw material.

4) It adopts the multi-point bending way, avoid the axial force and side abrasion, reduce the forming step while ensure the quality, meanwhile ti reduce the power wastage and roller abrasion.

5) It adopts the combined type roller on the most of the stands, it realizes that one set of roller can produce

all the size of square/rectangular tubes with different specifications, it decrease the store of roller, reduce the cost about 80% on the roller, fast the bankroll turnover, short the time on new product design.

6) All the roller are common shares, no need to replace the rollers when change tube size, only adjusting the position of rollers by motor or PLC, and realized the full automatic control; It greatly reduces the

roller changing time, reduce the labor intensity, improves the production efficiency.

Model Square Tube(mm) Rectangular Tube (mm) Thickness(mm) Speed (m/min)
LW400 40*40-100*100 40*60-80*120 1.5-5.0 20-70
LW600 50*50-150*150 50*70-100*200 2.0-6.0 20-50
LW800 80*80-200*200 60*100-150*250 2.0-8.0 10-40
LW1000 100*00-250*250 80*120-200*300 3.0-10.0 10-35
LW1200 100*100-300*300 100*120-200*400 4.0-12.0 10-35
LW1600 200*200-400*400 150*200-300*500 5.0-16.0 10-25
LW2000 250*250-500*500 200*300-400*600 8.0-20.0 10-25


Note: The line is non-standard products and can be produced according to user’s requirements, parameters sheet for reference only.

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Established in 2017, Hebei Mingshu Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd. (HBMS) is a leading supplier in China's ornamental industry. We supply a series of wrought iron machines, molds, ornamental materials, accessories, ornamental components, and wrought iron products, such as fence,gate,stair railing,balcony railing,handrail,window grill,enterance door, and so on. At the same time, we newly added aluminum accessories, aluminum panels, aluminum gates, copper doors, and copper stairs. Our products have a wide range of applications, ranging from courtyard gates, entrance doors, window guard, stairs, fences, furniture, signs, etc. Our work is just making your imagination to ture.


Frequently Asked Questions

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Is your company manufacture or trading company ?

We are professional manufacturer and we have about 10 years experience in engineering machine line.

How about the product quality?

Each machine will be tested more than 24 hours after finishing.
All elements are use reliable and famous brand that work with us over 20 years.

Did your machine approved ISO?

Our all machines were had approved ISO9001 ago,that will do best quality for every customer.

Is it possible to use our LOGO or special custom design?

Yes, no problem.. We have a professional technology team for new research and development.

All products have a warranty?

YES, Our warranty term is One Year

How long the lead time is?

All machines are in stock and usually 5-7 Days is enough if with enclosed moulds. If with special moulds, maybe the time will longer.

What is the price term and payment method?

We can quote EXW, FOB, CIF and CNF price. You can pay us by T/T, L/C .

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