Best Selling MS-DL100 Cold Rolling Embossing Machine

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The cold rolling embossing machine is an indispensable machine in the wrought iron industry. It is designed for cold-rolled materials. The machine can process different materials (flat iron, square steel, round steel, square pipe, round pipe), Thereby forming distinctive products, which are perfectly suitable for the different requirements of the wrought iron industry for material patterns. As one of the characteristic machines of HBMS, it has achieved good sales results in the international market.

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MS-DL100 cold rolling embossing machine, it adopts the highest standard configuration, it can process square steel, round steel, flat iron, square tube, after installing the handrail device, the machine can also process the handrail tube. Compared with the various cold embossing machines of other manufacturers in the Chinese market, the MS-DL100 machine is the same as their highest configuration standard. Accompanying the machine, it comes with 8 sets of free moldsprocessing 17 kinds of material size. At the same time, we have other more than 200 patterns for customers to choose.

Machine Parameters

Working Ability

Flat Bar

≤ 60*20 mm

Square Steel

≤ 30*30 mm

Round Steel

≤ φ25mm

Square Tube

≤ 100*100mm

Round Pipe

≤ φ63mm

Rolling Speed

1200 m/h

motor power

5.5 KW



Attached mold Qty

8 set

Machine Size

L1550*W1280*H1300 mm

Packing Size

L1650*W1350*H1350 mm

MS' pallets (PC)

1 package

total volume (m³)


Net Weight (KG)


Gross Weight(KG)


Common features of HBMS embossing machine


· Modular composite structure

·With cyclonic two-speed reducer

·Has a straightening and leveling frame

· Buttons and foot switches with manual control

· Comprehensive processing performance

· Smooth operation

· Easy to use

· Safe and reliable operation

· High production efficiency

· Easy to maintain


Why is HBMS cold embossing machine so popular?


Reasonable machine structure and excellent working performance have been recognized by many customers.

Advanced technology and excellent design capabilities meet the different needs of customers.

Professional equipment and efficient processing efficiency can complete customer orders in the shortest time.

High-quality raw materials and rich experience produce good wear-resistant molds.

Strict factory inspection and good after-sales service allow every customer to get satisfactory service.

The machine is simple to operate and easy to maintain.

HBMS machines and molds have been well sold in many countries (the United States, Canada, Poland, Romania, Turkey, Russia) and other countries.

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