Basic requirements for product quality

(1) The production size and the size required by the drawing, according to the different characteristics of the product, allow plus or minus one thousandth of the deviation.
(2) The product should be flat, upright, straight, and smooth, the arc should be smooth and round, there should be no distortion or knots, and the pattern should be natural and smooth.
(3) Welding should be beautiful and firm, and the weld seam should be flat, and false welding should not be performed.
(4) The pattern proportions should be coordinated, the theme should be grasped, and the arrangement and density should be the same.
(5) Ensure that the products are symmetrical up and down, and that the products of the same batch of models are made the same.
(6) All workpieces that have been gas-cut or cannot be polished after assembling must be polished and smoothed before tailor-welded assembly.
(7) When the flower piece is welded to the main structure, it must be forged or polished before it can be bent or tailored.
(8) After forging, the workpiece with burrs must be polished first and then bent.
(9) Doors, fences, ladder handrails, anti-theft nets, vertical poles, etc., as long as there are no special requirements, the distance between them shall not exceed 125mm in accordance with the requirements of safety standards.
(10) When making large-volume orders, samples must be made first, and then mass production can be made after confirmation.
(11) Treatment of galvanized products:
① All workpieces that can be tailor-welded before galvanizing must be welded to the product, and welding after plating is not allowed under special circumstances.
② For all galvanized products, those using pipes must open process holes in unobvious positions to ensure smooth air flow so that the water can flow out.
③ The process of sealing with rubber particles should be adopted to make holes, and it is forbidden to use cutting torches or electric welding to dig holes.
④For door type sealing plates, in order to prevent deformation after galvanizing, it is not possible to directly row-weld and then the whole hot-dip, but must be hot-dip galvanized and tailor-welded.
⑤ The diagonal splicing of all products must be angled, and direct butt welding is not allowed.

Post time: Mar-30-2021