How to identify the grade of iron art product

The products are generally divided into two categories, one is forging, which is mainly made of iron products by hand. The characteristics of this kind of iron products are relatively pure material, carbon content, and the finished work is very delicate and precise. , The appearance lubrication trick is also very rich, and it is the first choice for home decoration. So what is the basis for this kind of ironwork product in resolutely determining its own level?

The first thing is to see whether the product itself is very lubricated, whether there are bumps in the product’s appearance, whether the paint is smoothly sprayed, and whether the result of the painting can be matched. These are only the appearance of the problem, and it also depends on whether the product can be The forming radian is fluent and natural, whether the pattern is symmetrical on the left and right, whether the polishing is smooth, good iron products cannot damage the pipes during polishing, and the other is welding, which is actually a product of high iron processing. The welding points are not visible on the front. In short, the high-level iron products feel very noble and comfortable! The design and manufacture of the results are full of aura, there is straightness in the song, and the song in the straightness!

The other is cast iron or cast steel ironwork products. These ironwork products are fixed and formed by a mold. Most of these products are rough in appearance, straight and rough, and the whole is huge and heavy in some form. The price is not high, it is easy to corrode! The appearance of cast steel products is slightly smoother and finer than that of cast iron products.

Forged iron art products and casting iron art products are connected with each other at least once, to express the true artistic beauty of iron art

Post time: Mar-30-2021