Wrought Iron Machine

  • Multi-function Pipe Twisting Machine

    Multi-function Pipe Twisting Machine

    This is the third generation of multi-function pipe twisting machine. It uses unique technology to process round pipes into threaded tubes of different shapes. Its product effects can be square, rectangular, polygonal, elliptical and other different shapes. At the same time, it can control the length, direction, and the distance between the two threads, It can process the round tube into various shapes of decorative tube materials. The multi-function pipe twisting machine is one of the featured products in the HBMS profile forming machine.

  • Hot roll Fishtail machine

    Hot roll Fishtail machine

    Hot-rolled Fishtail Mill Machine is a widely used machine for decorative wrought iron machine. It is designed to process steels for decoration. Hot-rolled Fishtail Mill Machine is also called hot-roll fish plate mill. Because we need to heat steel materials before using this machine.

  • Square Tube Cutting Angle Machine

    Square Tube Cutting Angle Machine

    Together with the “Client-Oriented” company philosophy, a rigorous high-quality regulate program, sophisticated producing gear and a solid R&D staff, we constantly deliver premium quality solutions, superb products and services and aggressive price ranges for SQUARE TUBE CUTTING ANGLE MACHINE, Being a young escalating company, we might not the top, but we’re trying our best to generally be your superior partner.

  • Portable Flame/Plasma Cutting Machine

    Portable Flame/Plasma Cutting Machine

    1). The whole adopts a fully welded structure, the YX axis adopts domestic precision synchronous belt transmission, and the Z axis adopts automatic height adjustment to ensure cutting speed and
    2). Professionally cut thin metal panels and bottom plates, and the cutting accuracy reaches the standard.
    3). The current adjustable plasma power supply is used to adjust the current according to the thickness
    of the material to ensure that the cutting material is free of burrs.

  • Msjb23 Series Power Press Machine

    Msjb23 Series Power Press Machine

    MSJB23 series power press machine is an ordinary stamping press. In production, the pressing process saves materials and energy compared with traditional machining, it has high efficiency. It applied through various molds and does not require high technical requirements for the operator. It can make some products which can not process by machining method. so its use is more and more extensive.

  • Msc 41 Series Blacksmith Power Hammer

    Msc 41 Series Blacksmith Power Hammer

    Hammer forging is also called power hammer. Blacksmith power hammer is widely used for forging works like drawing-out, upsetting, punching, chiseling, forging, welding, bending and twisting in wrought iron industry. This machine is used to deal with metals.And we need heat these raw materials before processing them into different shapes. Our MS blacksmiths power hammer is made of high quality material, so it is sold very well at home and abroad.

  • H.F.W. Tube Mills

    H.F.W. Tube Mills

    High-frequency pipe welded machinery is the special equipment to product welded pipe of low carbon steel or low alloy steel material, that is feeding the steel belt into the machinery, turning into the tube by forming roller, then using high-frequency proximity effect and skin effect to make the tube reach the welding temperature, and completing the welding under the squeezing roller extrusion, then through cooling, sizing and straightening to get the required steel pipe.

  • Direct Forming to Square Tube Mill

    Direct Forming to Square Tube Mill

    The square or rectangular shaping is formed out before the tube welding, with important advances in terms of power and material cost reduction.